Do you have a Gasket Guy?

Experience what General Managers and owners of restaurants from coast to coast know about our company. For them, it is a simple phone call to Gasket Guy and gaskets are the one thing they do not have to worry about for an upcoming health department or corporate inspection. Many refrigeration companies admittedly hate doing gaskets, which may account for the high cost and the less than perfect work. Gasket Guys love replacing gaskets and this is clearly demonstrated in our quality of work, attention to detail, unparalleled turnaround time, and incredibly low prices. We have been providing products & services to individuals, institutes, restaurants, hotels, organizations and corporation for over 10 years. All it takes is one phone call and you, too, can understand why Gasket Guy is the largest manufacturer and installer of commercial refrigerator gaskets and the only choice for tens of thousands of restaurant and commercial kitchens. Count on The Gasket Guy when quality really counts. Remember, exceptional service is our standard & its above all other considerations.

Full Service

Your Gasket Guy will pefrom a no obligation inspection and evaluation of your refrigerator gaskets, followed by a detailed estimate of repairs and recommendations. Most repairs can be quoted flat rate or time and materials, giving you the choice of how to move forward. Under normal conditions, we return within 48 hours with custom sized, perfect fitting, OEM gaskets and professionally install them for you. If needed your Gasket Guy will make repairs to your doors and hinges to ensure that your gaskets seal properly. And finally, Gasket Guy guarantees the installation.

Other Services larry the Gasket Guy can provide:

Expert Walk-in Cooler/Freezer Door Repairs - Our professionals have extensive experience in replacing hardware on walk-in freezers and coolers. Repairs can include hinges, door sweeps, new floors, and other hardware. Depending on parts availability, many repairs can also be performed the same day. Strip Curtains - Conserve energy and save money using plastic strip curtains for your walk-in coolers and freezers and back doors. Our strip curtains are approved for low temp and FDA applications. We custom make them to the exact size you need and can install them ASAP. Custom Cutting boards- Need to replace one of your prep-line cutting boards or want to upgrade to richlite, high temp long lasting cutting boards? Our professionals can make sure you get the right part and install it for you saving you as much as 70% off the cost of going direct through the OEM.

What sets us apart from everyone else?

High Quality Custom Gaskets - We are a manufacturer of gaskets to fit your needs. Each equipment manufacturer has specifications for the gaskets we make, however sometimes your unit may not accept the standard OEM gasket We guarantee that when we install a gasket, it will fit perfectly, and be the same quality of OEM gaskets, but cost you less! Professional Installation - Our trained professionals can install any type of gasket on any type of equipment. We will install gasket with minimum service interruption at your convenience.